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It's explaining how heavy the young lady is...

The weather last weekend was pretty miserable.  I have been a bit stressed with work and life in general and I found myself home alone on a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon.  Sometimes, in moments like this, the right thing to do... the only thing to do... is curl up on the couch and watch a movie.  So the 'to do' list was set aside and as the rain tip tapped on the windows, I pulled the comforter under my chin and opened my laptop.

Nostalgia would be my antidote on this particularly gloomy Sunday and I hit play on "Love and Basketball" a favorite of my sister and I fifteen years ago.  In an effort to mimic a basketball game, the movie is broken down into quarters with the second quarter starting with MC Lyte's:

Do you understand the metaphoric phrase 'lyte as a rock'?  It's explaining how heavy the young lady is.

It struck me, just as it had in 2001.  Of course at that point in my life the biggest stressor was final exams and lining up a summer job.  Stress seems to manifest itself more intensely in your thirties, but I think I have always been discretely aware of a certain 'heaviness' to my thoughts.

This week, the below picture of myself was shared with me.  Taking pictures is an effort to capture a moment, a feeling, an experience and bottle it forever.  Here's a perfect example because it's explaining how heavy the young lady is.

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